The Best Places To Visit In Kasaragod

Kasaragod, a city in the southern state of Kerala, is located on the banks of River Backwater.

Kasaragod, a city in the southern state of Kerala, is located on the banks of River Backwater. The city has been an important trading center since ancient times and is known for its beaches, lakes and forests. Here are 10 places to visit in Kasaragod:

1. Chandragiri Fort

The Best Places To Visit In Kasaragod

Chandragiri Fort is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kasaragod. It is located in Chandragiri village, Kasaragod district, Kerala. The fort is a protected monument under the provisions of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act.

The fort was built by Zamorin who wanted to have an easy access to his palace from this place so that he could monitor any movement without being seen by anyone else except his trusted officials like Parbhoo Mogeri (Chief Minister) and Vira Narayanan (General).

2. Bekal Fort

The Best Places To Visit In Kasaragod

Bekal Fort is located in Kasaragod District, Kerala. It was built by the Tuluva Dynasty and was one of the oldest forts in Kerala. The fort has an impressive structure with many structures like a temple, residential buildings and residential quarters.

The name 'Bekal' means 'the place where you will find water'. The area around this fort has been an important part of history since ages because it was used as an important trading center by various dynasties such as Tipu Sultan's Mysore Kingdom (1784-1805), Zamorins from Calicut Kingdom who ruled till 1663 A D , Portuguese traders up until 1757 A D when they were driven out due to resistance by local tribesmen led by Kocheri chiefs who helped fight off invaders during British rule over India between 1858 - 1947

3. Pallikere Beach

Pallikere Beach

Pallikere Beach is a beautiful beach in Kasaragod. It's situated at Pallikere village, which is around 6 km from Kasaragod town.

Pallikkere beach offers visitors tranquil surroundings and serene atmosphere. The water here is crystal clear with a slight undertone of blue colors that makes it look like heaven on earth!

4. Ananthapura Lake Temple

The Best Places To Visit In Kasaragod

Ananthapura Lake Temple is located in a small village called Anantapuram, about 45 km from Kasaragod. It's easily accessible by road and can be reached within an hour or so by public transport. The temple itself is only 5 km away from the bus stand, but it's a good idea to take a taxi if you intend on visiting the temple without any luggage or other belongings.

The history of Ananthapura Lake Temple dates back to 10th century AD when it was built by King Maha Rama Varma II who ruled over this part of Kerala at that time. There are many legends surrounding this place which makes it even more interesting than other sites in Kerala such as Perumal Temple (also known as Sri Krishna Temple) or Marappazhakkal Devi Temple near Kollam city; however all these legends have been disproved by archaeological evidence found during excavations conducted over several decades now!

You should definitely visit this beautiful place if you want some relaxation after spending too much time indoors due to heavy rains every year since last few years - we're talking about flooding here folks!

5. Mallikarjuna Temple

The Best Places To Visit In Kasaragod

Mallikarjuna Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva. It is located in Kollur, Karnataka, India. It was built by the Kadamba dynasty in the 6th century and renovated by them later on. The temple has been damaged several times during wars with other kingdoms over centuries but it has been restored each time so that it can be used again for worshiping purposes by locals who visit this place every year during January-February when temperatures are low enough for them to do so without any problems whatsoever!

6. Nityanandashram

The Best Places To Visit In Kasaragod

Nityanandashram is a spiritual center of Kerala and one of the most important places for pilgrimage. It was founded by Swami Nityananda in 1933, who was an Indian sadhu (saint) and spiritual master from Maharashtra. He came to Kasaragod with his disciples and established this ashram here.

Nityanandashram has been visited by many famous personalities including Mahatma Gandhi, Mahatma Virendra Prasad, Pandit Nehru etc., who were all devotees of Swami Nityananda Maharaj. This ashram also houses several shrines dedicated to him; one such shrine is known as “Varan Sthalam” which means “the place where Lord Vishnu resided” during his stay here on earth!

7. Pazhassi Raja Tomb and Museum

The Best Places To Visit In Kasaragod

Pazhassi Raja Tomb and Museum is a historical monument in Kasaragod. It is the tomb of Pazhassi Raja, a freedom fighter from Kerala. The tomb is located at a distance of 3 km from Kasaragod town.

The place has been converted into an archaeological museum by Kerala government and has been declared as a protected monument under section 7(1)(b) of the Ancient Monuments Act 1878.[4]

8. Adooru

The Best Places To Visit In Kasaragod

Adooru is a small village in Kasaragod district, Kerala. It's located on the banks of river Manimala and has been known for its beautiful nature since ancient times. The place is surrounded by coconut groves and palm trees, making it ideal for nature lovers who want to enjoy their time away from city life.

The main attraction of Adooru are its beaches, which have been attracting people from all over India since time immemorial because they offer some of the best snorkeling experiences in South India! You can also find several resorts here that offer accommodation options ranging from budget guesthouses to luxury hotels with all amenities including Wi-Fi connection so you never miss out on anything important during your trip here.

9. Rajarajeshwara Temple

The Best Places To Visit In Kasaragod

Rajarajeshwara Temple is a temple of Lord Shiva located in Kasaragod District, Kerala. It is one of the most important temples in Kerala and one of the largest temples in India. The Rajarajeshwara Temple was built by Raja Raja Chola I (985-1014 AD), an emperor who ruled over various parts of South India including present day Kerela, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh during his reign between 985-1016 AD.

The main deity here is Lord Shiva whose image has been brought back from Dwaraka to this site after it was submerged under water due to heavy rains during flooding caused by monsoon clouds that overflowed from nearby rivers into nearby valleys causing massive damage to life & property across several villages around this region including Udayagiri (near Kollam).

These are some of the best places visit in Kasaragod.

Kasaragod is a district in Kerala, India. It is popular for its beautiful beaches and natural beauty that can be enjoyed by everyone. Here are a few places you should visit if you’re planning to explore the area:

• Thatheri Beach - The best beach in Kasaragod with white sands and clear waters.

• Devikulam Beach - A secluded beach where you can swim without being disturbed by other people or animals on land or sea.


Kasaragod has many beautiful places to visit and it is a great place to visit in Kerala. You can get a lot of things from Kasaragod. There are many hotels and restaurants in Kasaragod and you can also stay at home with your friends or family members. Many people come here for vacations because they want to enjoy the nature and culture of Kerala.

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